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Stunning Overwatch maneuver gets Brigitte onto high ground with ease

Published: 18/Feb/2020 2:43

by Brad Norton


Brigitte is one of the least mobile heroes in all of Overwatch, yet a new spot on Dorado allows the Support to launch herself onto high ground and get the jump on opposing teams.

Brigitte is an Overwatch hero known for her area-of-effect healing along with some devastating stuns. She even spawned in an entirely new meta due to her power on the map, a controversial meta referred to only as GOATS.

In spite of this, players are still figuring out surprising new quirks with the armor-bearing Support and the Overwatch community has even uncovered a way of launching Brigitte onto some pivotal high ground in Dorado.


Brigitte has never before been labelled an aerial hero, though this tactic might change that.

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In the midst of an intense high-ranked game on Dorado, both teams had already completed their attacking phases with time left to kill. Gearing up for his second defensive effort, Twitch streamer ‘FodderTV’ planned a ridiculous Brigitte strategy to start out the round.

Rather than sticking with his teammates and playing around corners in the first phase of the Escort map, he utilized Brigitte’s Shield Bash ability while facing an angled assortment of tiles.

Miraculously launching himself to the rooftop overlooking Dorado’s attacking spawn, the streamer yelled with joy and called for his team to join him on the high ground for an early surprise on the competition.


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With time ticking down before the spawn doors opened and opposing heroes flooded onto the map, he pressed the urgency and urged his team to hurry over.

“They don’t expect a Brig to be up here,” he expressed. “They won’t expect the entire team to be up here.”

Launching themselves off the roof, the improvised strategy led to a flawless team-fight win with the streamer himself collecting two eliminations on Brig alone, a rare sight for the Support character.

Brigitte could even stun Pharah out of the sky with this cheeky tactic.

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While the trick might be difficult to replicate due to just how finicky the Shield Bash ability can be, there’s no denying that the tactic is absolutely worthwhile. 


The next time that Dorado appears in rotation on the competitive ladder, be sure to scout the high ground throughout your attacking phase as even Brigitte could be ready to jump down on you now, thanks to this new discovery.