Stunning Overwatch creation drops popular heroes into The Sims 4

. 2 years ago
Blizzard / EA Games

Overwatch characters have been brought to life in a new way thanks to this charming creation that drops various heroes into the user-controlled world of EA Games’ The Sims 4.

The narrative experience of Blizzard’s popular hero shooter has mostly been confined to bite-sized story chapters since its release in 2016.

While occasional cinematics and random comics shed new light and fill in gaps from time to time, dedicated players have mostly had to twiddle their thumbs until Overwatch 2’s eventual release for a meaty serving of plot development.

Bucking the trend and taking it upon themselves to flesh out their own side stories, one particularly crafty fan molded a number of heroes in The Sims 4 and the results are stunning.

EA Games
Could you picture Brigitte jumping in on this conversation in Simlish?

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Rather than settling on a single character to drop into their personalized Simlish universe, Reddit user ‘Tbh_annie’ put together eight unique creations in order to truly flesh out a unique Overwatch-centric community.

From Hanzo in casual clothing to Mercy healing her neighbors in appropriately support-themed clothing, there’s a diverse lineup of heroes on display to weave a new subplot.

While the iconic figures won’t be setting off on planet-saving adventures in The Sims anytime soon, the creations could be perfect for a smaller-scale, intimate narrative between a handful of key characters.

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Reinhardt and Widowmaker stand out from the pack as both have been reimagined with their most prominent details intact.

Reinhardt’s unmistakable scar is complimented by a wounded left eye and his striking white facial hair, while Widowmaker’s purple hair is set apart thanks to the light blue shade of her skin.

Amusingly enough, even Reaper’s earlier form as Gabriel Reyes is captured with The Sims rendition as an undead figure patrolling the streets might leave the suburbs in a state of anarchy.

Reddit: Tbh_annie
A full overview of each Overwatch creation thus far.

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Not the only concept that the creator has tackled of late, they also honed their efforts on bringing Game of Thrones characters to the EA title. 

If you’ve ever wanted to lead your own narrative in the world of Overwatch, there’s no better time to dive in thanks to these charming Sims recreations.

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