Stunning Moira skin idea is better than Overwatch’s Atlantic Mercy

overwatch moira in front of space backgroundBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s villainous support, Moira, doesn’t get a lot of love in the skin department, but this spectacular design rivals the iconic Atlantic Mercy. 

Despite being one of the most flexible supports in the game, Talon scientist Moira doesn’t exactly have the best collection of skins.

While her Halloween Terror Banshee look is one of the most popular skins of 2020, many of her other skins have failed to hit the spot with a lot of support mains.

But this stunning new idea by Luca Albrecht (Luca4rt) gives the fan-favorite Atlantic Mercy skin a run for her money.

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Overwatch MoiraActivision Blizzard
Moria has become one of the game’s most popular supports due to her flexibility.

Overwatch Cosmic Moira skin idea rivals Atlantic Mercy

This spectacular design transforms the Irish genius into a celestial being that looks as though she’s walked straight out of the heavens themselves.

Dubbed “Cosmic Moira,” she’s traded out that fiery red hair for an aquamarine look, with her usually black armor completely reimagined in lilac, silver and navy. Somewhat reminiscent of Tyrande Whisperwind’s WoW: Chains of Domination moonlight-inspired look, scattered across her body are marbled patterns that make it look like she’s cloaked in the galaxy itself.

The fuel tubes for her Biotic Grasp look as though they contain the essence of the stars. With her glowing cyan eyes peering out from behind a masterfully crafted masquerade mask, this skin truly makes Moira the queen of the universe.

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Luca has also added a second version of the skin, where the silvery inlays are recreated in gold, giving it a much more regal feel.


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Overwatch fans have given this skin a unanimous thumbs-up, with many comparing it to the Atlantic Mercy skin that accompanied All-Stars 2019.

“This kinda [sic] looks like you took Mercy’s All-Stars skin and gave it to Moira. I love it,” writes one, with another echoing this with “Moira Atlantic?”

The skin has been an absolute hit: “beats pretty much every Moira skin there is.”

As Luca’s skin concept journey continues, we can’t wait to see what he’ll produce next. We just have our fingers crossed that a Sombra skin is on the list!

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