Stunning Mercy skin idea is perfect for Overwatch Lunar New Year 2022

overwatch 2 mercy stands on lunar new year lijiang tower backgroundBlizzard Entertainment

Resident Overwatch healer Mercy has a couple of Lunar New Year skins already, but this spectacular design would be perfect for the 2022 Year of the Tiger event.

Overwatch’s 2022 installation of the annual Lunar New Year event is set to kick off on January 25, prompting players to keep an eye out for all-new skins.

Despite being one of the game’s most popular heroes in both casual and professional play, Swiss support Mercy‘s last Lunar outfit dropped in 2018, giving her two Chinese New Year-inspired cosmetics. However, given the backlash over her last new skin (Camouflage), those who main the angelic healer have been champing at the bit for a new Legendary cosmetic.

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Enter Qipao Mercy, an idea courtesy of Sunshxvine (Dana), who’s looking to glide into 2022’s Lunar Event in style.

overwatch zhuque mercy lunar new year skinBlizzard
Mercy’s last Lunar New Year skin was Zhuque in 2018, inspired by the Vermillon Bird.

Overwatch Lunar New Year Mercy skin is perfection

The brainchild behind the alluring Vampire Mercy design, Dana has created a concept inspired by the traditional Chinese Qipao dress.

Characterized by its high neck and tight fit, Mercy is seen wearing a chocolate brown version of the garment, adorned with swirling velvet patterns that look as though they’d be soft to the touch.

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Fishnet-style tights curl around her legs, which are framed by a lengthy, red chiffon trimmed skirt. A traditional rope belt is draped around her waist, bursting into a collection of golden roses that wrap around the base of her back.

Her blond hair is tied back into a bun, held together by a stunning headdress, which resonates with the brown, red, and gold of her wings. From head to toe, every little detail is absolute perfection – and there’s even a spray suggestion to go with it!

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Fans have been quick to show the idea some love, writing: “I hope Mercy will get something similar to this on Lunar New Year!”

One response comments on the umbrella in the spray design, noting that: “I feel like incorporating that idea into her staff somehow (without blocking the players view ofc) would be so nice.”

As Blizzard pull back the curtains on this year’s skin selection, many will be hoping something similar to this Mercy design takes center stage. Thankfully, though, we don’t have to wait much longer.

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