Storm Rising Brawl – Everything you need to know about Overwatch’s new PvE mission

Storm Rising went live on Tuesday, April 16 and the Overwatch servers were soon full of players itching to try out the new PvE mode.

The Storm Rising brawl takes place on Havana, which could be a new map eventually, but for now is exclusive to this year’s PvE mission.

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A Storm in Havana

As Maximilien heads to his safehouse, he’s chased down in the opening cinematic by Tracer, Mercy, Winston and Genji, unfortunately Tracer’s hoverbike is only a scene in the opening of the mission and not actually playable, but it sure does look cool.

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The mission begins after the Overwatch team forces Maximilien’s convoy off the road and they’re forced to chase him on foot through the streets of Havana, the first stage of the brawl.

Players will have to fight through a series of enemies in order to reach the Rum Distillary, including a number of Talon Snipers, Assassins and Heavy Assaults just outside the building.

Once players make it inside the Don Rumbotico distillary, they’ll be locked in and have to survive against several waves of enemies.

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Obviously, just how many enemies depends on the difficulty level selected, but there will be at least a few Heavy Assaults and other special units that have to be dealt with by players.

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The final battle at the fort

After surviving the rum factory, players will have to escort a conveniently placed truck full of explosives to blow up the sea fort’s doors.

It’s a fight just to move the payload to the courtyard of the castle. Once it’s there, players will have to survive even more waves of enemies during the final sequence before the payload can blow the doors.

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Building ultimates isn’t too big of an issue during the mission, due to the amount of Talon Troopers running around, but offensive players should try and save ultimates for the Heavy Assault troops and other special units.

After the explosion the brawl is over and a cinematic of the Overwatch team catching Maximilien rolls, ending with a possible teaser for a new Talon hero.

All of Overwatch’s archives missions are available until May 6 and there are over 50 new cosmetics for players to collect from Loot Boxes during the event.

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