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How to stop dying so much as Reinhardt in Overwatch

Published: 13/Jul/2019 0:02 Updated: 13/Jul/2019 17:43

by Bill Cooney


A new video from Overwatch Youtuber ‘Kappachino’ aims to help players survive for longer while protecting their team as Reinhardt.

Reinhardt is one of Overwatch’s original heroes and was the primary shield for teams before Orisa came along to shake things up, but can still be one of the more difficult heroes to play well.

So, Youtuber Kappachino shared a new video today that tries to help Reinhardt players increase their lifespan, and the lives of their team.

Blizzard EntertainmentThere is hope for that charge-happy Reinhardt main in your life.

I will be your shield

Reinhardt, being the large front-line character he is, ends up being a big target for enemy fire and abilities, which can make it seem like it’s tough to last too long on the field.


Kappachino’s video focuses on Shield management, positioning and situational awareness as things that Reinhardt players should focus on to survive longer.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe shield is Reinhardt’s best friend.

One of the main suggestions for Reinhardt’s Shield is to move (either forwards or backwards) while it’s in use, instead of just standing completely still. Players should also take the time to charge his shield up, because more charge is always better in fights.

For positioning, Reinhardts should stay aware of how many players are currently alive on each team and use that to determine whether they should push forward, or cover their team in a calculated withdraw.


Situational awareness includes all of the above, but also things that seem like they should be simple in theory – like keeping track of your health and putting up your shield when it’s low.

Obviously Kappachino’s full YouTube video goes into much more detail then we were able to cover here, and it’s only about 7 minutes long.

A new tank hero coming soon?

Jeff Kaplan mentioned the upcoming new Overwatch Hero in the July 11 Developer’s Update, but other than confirming Hero 31 would be a “he”, there weren’t many other details.

Hero 31 is set to come out later than Overwatch’s new Summer heroes have in the past though, so we might not see him until after the upcoming Summer Games event.


Blizzard EntertainmentA lot of players think Mauga (left) will be a tank hero and Hero 31.

Even though there hasn’t been a ton of new Overwatch content recently, fans are obviously ready for the next Summer Games and the next new hero to arrive.