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Stealthy Overwatch hiding spot lets you ruin Havana pushes

Published: 4/Jul/2021 22:19

by Bill Cooney


An Overwatch player has revealed a deep, dark secret among Tracer mains that could be one of the most annoying spots to contest the payload in the entire game on Havana.

One of the cardinal rules of Overwatch is that if even one defender is on or near the payload, it won’t be going anywhere. Most times you can see the hero blocking your progress, but once in awhile it might take a closer look.

There are a few spots spread around the game’s maps where certain heroes can play hide-and-seek to effectively shut the payload down — the bushes around Rialto’s first starting point being a great example — and now a new one has been revealed.


Blizzard Entertainment
If you don’t check these bushes at the start of every Rialto map, you should.

Like the bushes on Rialto, thanks to Reddit user HumanoidMinority, we know that there’s a similar set of shrubbery on Havana that’s close enough to the payload’s path to stop it if a hero’s in the right spot.

You’ve probably seen the row of small trees or bushes just outside of the market near the first attacking spawn of Havana, but (like us) you may not have realized they run up right next to the payload.

In the heat of battle you might not be thinking about it, but certain heroes — like Tracer — can use their sitting emote to chill in the bushes and completely disappear.


Not only can the enemy team not see you, but you’ll also be able to stall the payload indefinitely. You would be surprised by the amount of players who don’t think to check or even shoot the bushes, which makes holding this spot for a minute or more totally plausible.

Contest "bug" on havana. from Overwatch

While you should definitely give this a shot the next time you’re on Havana, you also might want to start checking these bushes on offense. Just like on Rialto, it only takes a second, and will save you a lot of trouble.

It seems so simple you might think “no way I would ever fall for that, please.” But remember, Overwatch is a game notorious for players who don’t even think to look up sometimes, so it might not be the best idea to write it off completely.