Speedy Overwatch Lucio rollout gets you back into the fight in no time

Blizzard Entertainment

A flashy new Lucio rollout is making the rounds on Reddit and shows just how fast Overwatch’s resident DJ can make it out of spawn. 

Lucio rollouts are different examples of how the hero can smoothly leave spawn and get back into the action quicker than most other heroes.

There are already a few defensive rollouts for the hero on Paris, but true Lucio mains can never have enough of them to practice, right?

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Blizzard Entertainment
Wallriding helps make Lucio one of the most mobile heroes in Overwatch.

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Lucio connoisseur Puffis_Senpai showed off an impressive Lucio rollout that takes players from the defensive spawn to the first point in approximately 12 seconds.

The route takes Lucio out through the side of the map towards the water and uses the ledge as a surface for the hero’s skates to grab on to.

This path also conveniently skips most areas where enemies could be lying in wait to pounce on respawns. If you need to get back and defend point of if you just need to work your way back to your team quickly, this little route could be useful.

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Lucio’s utility led to him being one of the highest-picked support heroes during the opening weekend of Overwatch League Season 3, which might provide a clue to what future updates he could receive.

Developers have said, however, they’re going to take Overwatch League pickrates into consideration when deciding which heroes to change and update in the future, which means Lucio could be a strong contender for nerfs coming up.

Lucio dropping the beat in OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment
Lucio was all over the place during the Overwatch League’s Season 3 opening weekend.

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Whether or not Lucio will be nerfed remains to be seen and Blizzard has just rolled out a new live update on February 12, so it might be a little while before any new changes make it to the PTR.

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