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Sombra is the perfect fit for an Overwatch support hero

Published: 22/Sep/2019 21:33 Updated: 22/Sep/2019 22:13

by Brent Koepp


An Overwatch fan decided to rework Sombra from a damage-per-second hero to support, and it works surprisingly well.

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Sombra was the second post-launch character to be added to the game back in late 2016, and her hacking and EMP abilities quickly made her one of the series’ most loved heroes.

While she only uses hacks for DPS-based moves, one Overwatch fan decided to see what the Mexican would look like if she switched roles to support.

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Sombra as a healer

YouTuber ‘kaiomm’ uploaded a video on September 22, showcasing their Workshop mode creation that swapped the hacker’s role to be more healing focused.


Aptly renamed to ‘Luz’ (which means ‘light’ in Spanish, Sombra means ‘shadow’), the character uses her hacking ability to restore health to teammates with a move called ‘Healing Hack’. The Mexican’s stealth mode is used to self-heal and is known as ‘Medic Stealth’.

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The hero’s Translocator has been reworked to ‘EMP Trap’, and is not only used by deploying a wire trap across an area such as a doorway or a narrow corridor, but can also be thrown and triggered mid-flight. Any enemy that comes into contact with the device is hacked instantly and rendered unable to use their abilities.


Most interesting of all is Luz’s ultimate, which is used to fill up a teammate’s ult instead of her own. This is incredibly useful, especially in tight situations where a single move could swing the whole match.

If you’d like to try out the Sombra rework for yourself, you can do so with Workshop code WVVKF.

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When is Overwatch Halloween Terror 2019?

Halloween is almost upon us, and fans are itching for any information regarding the Halloween Terror event for 2019. 

Previous years have seen the event take place in Eichenwalde and Hollywood, and a ‘leak’ on September 21 raised the possibility of Junkertown being reskinned to match this year too. Only time will tell.


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While there’s been no official word of a start date, the event began on October 9 in 2018, so we could hear about it any day now.