Soldier 76 One Punch Man skin revealed for Overwatch 2

OPM mumen rider soldier 76 OW2 skinBlizzard Entertainment/Shueisha

With the announcement of Overwatch 2’s One Punch Man collaboration, only Doomfist was shown off as Saitama. Now the second skin that’s part of the crossover event has been revealed.

The One Punch Man collaboration’s announcement came with the reveal of a Saitama-themed Doomfist skin, leaving many other mainstay characters from the series open for skins.

Characters like Fubuki, Tatsumaki, and Genos are fan-favorites that are all on the table for their own Overwatch 2 skins. But the first reveal following the One Punch Man collab announcement turned out to be Mumen Rider.

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Soldier 76 will be dressing up as the C-class, bike-riding hero as the second skin revealed. Other than holding on to Soldier’s signature visor, this skin sees him decked out in Mumen Rider’s armor.

Soldier 76 gets Mumen Rider skin in Overwatch 2

Mumen Rider isn’t one of One Punch Man’s most powerful characters. He’s a generally low power C-class hero that gets introduced early on in the story, and someone who isn’t afraid to fight powerful villains even if they’re much stronger than he is.

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His iron will and loyalty will be coming to Overwatch 2 through Soldier 76. It’s still clear that this is Soldier 76 because of his visor, but he’s got Mumen Rider’s plate armor and bright green bike helmet.

This reveal comes with the announcement of 5 free Battle Pass tiers for any player that logs in before February 14, and the announcement that the Mumen Rider OPM skin will be earnable in-game on March 7.

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