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Sneaky Symmetra play on Overwatch’s Paris will catch enemies off guard

Published: 4/Nov/2019 20:28 Updated: 4/Nov/2019 20:52

by Bill Cooney


Paris is one of the most unpopular maps in Overwatch, but one player may have found a way to make taking Point B a little more manageable.

Players have been frustrated by Paris ever since it was added to Overwatch in February 2019, and the map is often referred to as one of the game’s most unpopular.

It was announced at BlizzCon 2019 that Paris, along with Horizon Lunar Colony, wouldn’t be included in the new map rotation in Season 19 of Competitive play, which starts on November 6.

Neither map will be getting any major changes that we know of, they just won’t be included in the new Competitive map pool.

Blizzard EntertainmentOverwatch players love to hate Paris.

A new way to attack Paris Point B

For players who end up getting Paris before Season 19 starts, Reddit user Garlicc-Bread shared a clever new strategy that could make taking the infamous second point a little easier.

One of Bread’s teammates has Symmetra deploy her teleporter so that the attacking team can get to the right side of the main hallway without being seen.

After that, the user’s team creeps around the right side flank, and begins their attack with an opportune pick of the enemy Baptiste.

New Paris start for 2nd point from r/Overwatch

You could get the same results if you manage to keep your entire team behind the fountain while heading to the right, but the teleporter strategy could be good for faking teams out.

If your team makes it very obvious your heading to the left, then use the teleporter and head to the right, it might just work.

Of course, once the defenders know where you’re coming from the jig is up, and you’ll have to clear out the point. Getting off an ultimate or two before your enemies know what’s happening could help that though.

Sharp-eyed fans have uncovered an unannounced new map from the Overwatch 2 announcement.

Overwatch fans discover a new map

After the big Overwatch 2 announcement at BlizzCon 2019, one sharp-eyed fan unannounced map that will be coming to the game.

“Didn’t see any post around it but by the trailer of Overwatch 2, we can see a map not listed from the official ones announced (Toronto, Gotenburg, Monte-Carlo, Rio de Janeiro),” said user tomy0612.” You can see here from the trailer, something like an Indian-ish city, and from Blizzcon’s panel, you can see here that’s clearly a map in India (maybe New Dehli). “

Whether or not the mysterious map ends up being New Delhi or another Indian city remains to be seen, but it’s obvious there’s a lot more coming to Overwatch than was announced at BlizzCon.


Sneaky Overwatch spot gets you to Watchpoint Gibraltar’s high ground fast

Published: 22/Nov/2020 21:26

by Julian Young


In any competitive shooter, good positioning and map control are key factors to achieving victory. The Overwatch community has once again shown how smart movement can benefit players, this time with a clever trick to gain the high ground on Watchpoint: Gibraltar.

Overwatch is a unique title that requires team coordination and individual skill to overcome opponents. Heroes need to synergize their abilities with teammates and perform well on their own to defeat the other team.

Outside of individual skill and good teamwork, positioning and map control are two additional factors to consider when a team plans and executes their strategy. Players are always looking for new ways to exploit their surroundings to help outsmart their enemies.

While many movement techniques are well-known in the Overwatch community, there are still some tricks that not all players are aware of.  In a video posted user ‘Hovspian’, they show off a lesser-known shortcut players can use to reach the high ground on Watchpoint: Gibraltar.

Found a new shortcut to highground on Gibraltar second from Overwatch

In the clip, the player is in the interior room located near Checkpoint B: a fairly open space with bits of cover in various spots and a vehicle hanging from the ceiling. They walk towards a forklift that is holding some containers, and then jump on top of the vehicle’s glass windshield.

From there, they jump onto the containers the forklift is holding, and then to the nearby ledge that lines the interior wall. From that position, they survey the room and show off an impressive vantage point where they can shoot down at any enemies in the open space below.

Overwatch Watchpoint Gibraltar Map
Blizzard Entertainment
An Overwatch player has shared a nifty trick to gain the high ground on Operation: Gibraltar.

While this may not be a new discovery for some Overwatch veterans, not every player knows about it. One user responded shortly after the post went live saying they were not familiar with this particular move, and thanked Hovspian for sharing it. For those unfamiliar with the movement on display in the clip, this climbing maneuver could prove useful in future matches.

Whether they are playing a damage, tank, or support role, all can benefit from movement that provides them with an advantage. This video is another example of how players can outsmart the competition with their movement skills, and add another trick to their existing arsenal.