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Sneaky Overwatch Widowmaker spot is perfect for early-round picks

Published: 30/Aug/2020 21:54

by Bill Cooney


A spot we’ve all walked by thousands of times before on Overwatch’s LiJiang Tower is actually the perfect place for Widowmaker players to sneak in some easy picks.

One of the best feelings when playing as Overwatch’s resident sniper is getting an early pick to start off a game, and the flashier the shot, the more you feel like an absolute badass – for a bit at least.

Most maps have certain spots or areas that lend themselves to Widowmaker players looking for a sneaky snipe, and LiJiang Tower’s Garden stage is no different.

Thanks to Reddit user and Widow fan ExerXV, we now know that the tree just outside of the round gate on Gardens is a perfect platform for her to grapple up onto and pick off unsuspecting enemies.


I haven’t seen anyone use this yet, but this tree is actually a really sweet Hookshot spot. Covers the entire front yard and bit of the bridge, enabling super easy hookshots early on. from Overwatch

The clip does make it look a little easier than it probably is, but all you really need to do is aim at the top branch of the tree when using your grapple. Right at the apex of the ability, you want to hit the jump button, which will keep Widow’s momentum going and take you even higher up.

After that, you just scope up and hope there are some nice, squishy enemies within range out in the open that you can pick off before they even know what hit them.

Grapple shots are a skill all in themselves, requiring a bit of practice to get the feel of the move down and even more to actually be able to hit anything once up in the air, so don’t expect to master this all in one go. Still, it definitely is possible to learn fairly quickly.


Blizzard Entertainment
Widowmaker might take a little more practice than other Overwatch heroes, but the payoff is arguably worth the work.

That’s not to say you should try this technique non-stop whenever you get LiJiang Gardens, as your teammates actually fighting for the objective probably wouldn’t appreciate it all that much. There’s no harm in giving it a go every time you have to make the trip back from spawn, however.

Like we said, this nifty little trick won’t instantly make you an OWL-calibre Widowmaker, but it is a nice tool to have in your pocket, should you ever need it.