Sneaky Overwatch trick lets Sombra hide Translocator under Hanamura rock

Sombra on Hanamura in OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players looking to keep their Translocator active as Sombra – especially on Point B Hanamura – may have a new secret spot to teleport back to.

Attacking Point B on Hanamura can be a big challenge, with the defenders on the high ground waiting to push into your team. Like any 2CP/Assault map, securing an enemy team wipe can be the cleanest way to actually capture the point.

Sombra’s EMP is one of the best ultimates to enable your team to do just that, so farming it up by doing damage to the enemy is a must. The best way to do damage consistently is to stay alive and that’s where the Translocator comes into play.

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Ideally, you want to put it somewhere the enemy team won’t destroy it, but close enough to their stronghold that you can get back in and infiltrate their backline. It’s a rinse and repeat play: Put down your Translocator, go invisible, damage enemies, teleport back out before they turn around and kill you.

The rock near the temple area on Point B has a secret spot where you can successfully place the Translocator so it appears under it.

As demonstrated by Reddit user ‘trelicity,’ Sombra is actually able to toss it behind and eventually underneath the boulder. When asked what happens if you actually Translocate, the user replied: “You appear on top of the rock, but the translocation animation appears in the place it was dropped.”

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This location is great because it’s close to a large health pack that you can hack to up its refresh rate and keep yourself at max health. It’s also close enough to the point that you can keep utilizing it and follow the steps above to build EMP.

Sombra activates EMPBlizzard Entertainment
Farming EMP is an important part of winning as Sombra.

For attacking Sombras, this could be a real gem and something you may want to utilize.

Of course, it’s always possible that Blizzard patches this out of the game and prevents you from hiding the Translocator here, but until that happens, it’s a viable strategy.