Sneaky Overwatch strategy makes Mei & Brigitte the ideal King’s Row duo

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

A sneaky new play on King’s Row could give Overwatch players the edge when defending the first point with Brigitte and Mei.

King’s Row is a hybrid map, which means teams need to push through the first choke to attack and capture the point before they can move the payload.

Defending teams usually try and hold the first gate to keep enemies from getting through, and Overwatch content creator “VkOverwatchSchool” shared a sneaky new play that can catch the attacking team off guard.

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Trapping a creeping attacker is a common strategy for Mei players, but Vk’s new strategy takes it a step farther – provided you have a Brigitte player who knows what they’re doing.

To start off, Mei needs to help Brigitte reach the roof of the building just beyond the choke point to give her a good view of the attacking team streaming in.

As with the classic Mei King’s Row trap, the key is to wait until a hero – preferably the tank, but any will do – gets in front of the main choke point.

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Once the enemy (in this case, Reinhardt) goes past the point of no return, Brigitte gives them a bump with her flail before Mei closes the door and locks them in with her Ice Wall.

The move will ideally catch at least one enemy hero on the wrong side of the wall, where the defending team can safely dispose of them.

Despite how it looks, it’s not a certain death sentence for Brigitte either, because she can simply hop and shield bash to move back across the fence to the safety of her team.

Blizzard - Overwatch
Brigitte can use her Shield Bast to escape from the enemy team’s payback after the play.

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Even though Brigitte doesn’t have to sacrifice herself for this to happen, it will probably only work once, unless the other team is completely oblivious to the Swedish girl hitting them with a rocket flail from the rooftops.

The next time you find yourself on King’s Row, make sure to double-check the rooftops before you go charging in to face the defending team.