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Sneaky Overwatch sniping spot makes Widowmaker even more threatening

Published: 18/Feb/2020 0:46

by Alan Bernal


A clever trick on Dorado gives Overwatch players a new way to threaten picks with Widowmaker from an insanely high vantage point.

It’s no secret Widow can find new angles throughout the game to take advantage of with her Grappling Hook, but Reddit user ‘VkOverwatchSchool’ also used a bit of ‘surfing’ to creep across a rooftop for an overpowered snipe spot.

The concept of surfing in games like Overwatch, CSGO, and the like revolves around staying balanced on a surface that you can’t actually stand on so you’re constantly in a controlled falling state.

Overwatch players are finding insane sniping spots for Widowmaker on Dorado.

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It’s a simple concept to grasp but can be hard to master, especially when using it as part of a way to get killed in a live match.

Near the high wall separating Market from the fence, there is a four story building where Widow can throw a hook to make her way on top of it.

As soon as they landed on the roof, they were making a ton of small movements to stay on the tiles since the game doesn’t let players freely stand on top of that structure.

Sneaky widowmaker surfing spot on Dorado. from Overwatch

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But not one to be deterred, the player kept inching forward to get a better look at the fight unfolding ahead. The vantage point gave them a clear look at two players distracted by the fight below.


Lining up a shot was another story, however, since there’s a small window to get a clean hit before you start slipping from the building.

Incredibly VkOverwatchSchool managed to get a headshot on the enemy Widow before slipping onto the floor below. While there’s some caveats for players to take note of when using this spot, the benefits from using it heavily outweigh its downfalls.

VkOverwatchSchool via Reddit
At the peak of their leap, the Overwatch player was able to pick out a few targets from the vantage point.

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Getting up to the roof gives players one of the highest views of the first stage of Dorado, but the leap up there can give your position to the whole map.


If you can make the initial leap, there’s only a few heroes that can reliably counter the spot and even then Widow would have the height advantage to take care of them.

Widowmakers are getting more creative with their sniping spots, and this Dorado can easily net players more than a few kills.