Sneaky Overwatch sniper spot can destroy teams on Numbani

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Overwatch players looking to snipe their way to victory with Ashe, Widowmaker or Hanzo should look no further than a special hiding spot on Numbani that can wreak havoc on teams coming out of spawn.

When it comes to primary fire damage, no hero in Overwatch can deal as much as Widowmaker when she’s fully scoped in.

For all other heroes, headshot damage has a two times multiplier – but for Widowmaker, it’s 2.5, meaning she can deal a whopping 300 damage with a fully charged headshot.

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Plus, that’s not counting the extra damage she can deal when she’s pocketed by a Mercy, shooting a Discorded target, firing through Amplification Matrix or being boosted by an Orisa Super Charger.

Being able to take advantage of Widowmaker’s damage potential, however, can be a whole other story completely. With an incredibly high skill ceiling, Widowmaker can be daunting for some and difficult to get maximum value with.

For those who can, a sneaky spot showcased by Overwatch streamer Kephrii can make a team rage just as the match begins.

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After walking way past the Point A objective, Kephrii used Widow’s Grapple ability to position atop an oversized African mask attached to a building.

With a Mercy to damage boost him and a Zarya ready to bubble him if he needed to escape, Kephrii was in a prime position to click heads.

Only seconds into the round, the DPS streamer was able to secure frags onto Zarya, Baptiste, and McCree forcing the enemy team back to their spawn to regroup.

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This only worked because of Kephrii’s positioning and being able to catch the enemy squad completely off guard. To follow this up, he scored snipes onto the Lucio and Mei for the 5K before eventually dying himself.

Of course, this trick can only really work once in a game before the enemies catch on, but being able to take advantage can pay dividends. Next time you’re on Numbani, see if you can replicate this with your team and reap the rewards.

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