Sneaky Overwatch Rialto flanking spot sends Brigitte’s enemies flying - Dexerto

Sneaky Overwatch Rialto flanking spot sends Brigitte’s enemies flying

Published: 29/Feb/2020 20:08

by Meg Bethany Koepp


A devious Overwatch player has found a sneaky flanking spot on the Rialto map which works perfectly when playing as support hero Brigitte.

Since the hero shooter’s release in 2016, players have found many useful flanking spots in order to get the jump on opponents, such as ones for Reinhardt on Oasis, Hanzo on Eichenwalde, and Sigma on Hanamura just to name a few.

The latest trick involves Brigitte on the Italy-based map Rialto, and sees the character using her Rocket Flail in order to send opponents flying to their sudden deaths before they even know what hit them.

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Brigitte’s Rialto flanking spot

Posted to the Overwatch subreddit by user ‘Urser,’ the trick sees the hero make their way to the bridge on the right-hand side of the first attacker’s spawn point doors, before jumping onto the guard rail overlooking the river.

The player then uses her Shield Bash ability to launch themselves forward before landing onto the gondola boat below. Once there, they Rocket Flail the opposing team’s oblivious Reinhardt who was trying to push the payload across the bridge opposite the spawn room, sending him falling into the watery depths below to his demise.

An opposing Zarya saw what had happened to her fellow tank hero and sent several projectiles in the support’s direction, though she failed to kill her enemy.


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Brigitte then hops up onto the bow of the boat, where she uses Shield Bash to jump over to the other side of the bridge, making for an easy flanking spot.

If performed correctly, the maneuver is perfect for taking out enemies who like to camp outside the first spawn room with the protection of shields, giving their sometimes ‘impenetrable’ setup a giant hole for a Brigitte to knock them down.

Be careful, though – the location is rather open, meaning a Lucio or a D.Va could easily boop you to your death if you’re spotted. It’s best looking at the other team’s composition before making the decision to use it.