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Sneaky Overwatch flank trick can wipe out enemy teams with Sigma

Published: 7/Jun/2020 22:50

by Bill Cooney


It’s no secret Sigma has one of the most powerful ultimate abilities in Overwatch right now, and a new clip making the rounds goes to show just how game-changing it can actually be with the right execution.

Sigma’s Gravitic Flux ultimate lifts every enemy hero in its area of effect up off the ground for one second and 50 damage before slamming them down, dealing another 50% of their overall HP. On top of that, it also lets you fly around like Pharah or Echo while active.

This makes it capable of taking out heroes with only a sliver of health missing, and it can prevent enemies from contesting the point or pushing the payload, which is why he has basically become a must-pick when playing defense these days.


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Even though the game’s latest tank has been out for almost a year, Overwatch player and Sigma acolyte InfamousHandy on Reddit shared one of the best examples of how to use Gravitic Flux to date.

Handy’s team was pushing through the third and final stage, which has always been a tough nut to crack on Watchpoint Gibraltar. After positioning themselves on the defender side flank they activated his ult and gracefully floated behind the unsuspecting defending team.

Sigma Watchpoint flank ult from r/Overwatch

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Mercy fell first thanks to a few choice orbs while in the air, and even though Hanzo saw the whole thing coming, it didn’t save him from also being picked off.


Throw in Ana dying to Widowmaker somewhere during the chaos, and that’s half the defending team sent back to spawn, which is a quality Sigma ultimate by any measure.

Handy claimed in the comments that the big-brained play was a “moment decision,” with no practice or testing beforehand, just a purely calculated play that the tank hero himself would be proud of.

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Hopefully, you didn’t miss out on Sigma’s “Carbon Fiber” Anniversary challenge skin from week one.

Unfortunately, Sigma’s “Carbon Fiber” Anniversary skin isn’t available anymore, as it was the week one challenge skin. The good news is there’s still time to earn the Masked Man McCree skin before the 2020 celebration wraps.


Say, for example, you still haven’t gotten the Submarine Wrecking Ball skin you desperately need, you still have until June 9 when the event officially ends to grind and try and make it happen.