Sneaky Overwatch flank lets Hanzo surprise defenders on Eichenwalde

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Hanzo is one of the original heroes of Overwatch, but he still has the potential to completely ruin the enemy team’s day with a well-placed flank.

Nowhere in the game is there a better example of this than on Eichenwalde’s first point, which has a choke that’s still difficult to clear almost four years and a few updates after the map was released.

Ever since Hanzo’s rework in 2018, though, it’s been easier to get him up and over the broken roof to the left of the choke when attacking which gives him plenty of potential on offense.

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Blizzard Entertainment
The route over the broken roof is a favorite for Pharah players, but she’s far from the only hero who can make it over.

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A new clip from Reddit user VkOverwatchSchool shows just how devastating a player who knows what to do with Hanzo can be if they’re able to make the climb over the wall.

For Hanzo players who haven’t mastered the art of getting over the flank point, the clip is also a great example of how to do just that.

One of the most important parts is saving your leap until you’re far enough up on the roof to make it over the apex, otherwise you’ll just fall and waste your team’s precious time.

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Really, the trickiest part of the whole flank is maneuvering Hanzo himself. Once he’s over, it all comes down to how well you can frag out.

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VkOverwatchSchool does a great job of this by systematically taking out the enemy supports, before moving on to mow down the remaining defenders.

If you have your ultimate, the flank also serves as a great platform from which to deliver Dragonstrike onto an unsuspecting team.

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While you’re practicing your knockout headshots with Hanzo, it couldn’t hurt to at least practice this flank whenever Eichenwalde comes up on the map rotation.

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