Sneaky Overwatch camping spot on Busan is perfect for Doomfist

Lauren Bergin
Blizzard Entertainment

Doomfist has become one of Overwatch’s deadliest villains, and this sneaky little camping spot on Busan Downtown is perfect for demolishing enemies in one sweep. 

As one of Talon’s best agents, Doomfist has become one of the title’s most polarizing characters.

In the right hands, the DPS titan can wipe out half of your team in one go, especially considering the power behind his infamous Meteor Strike ultimate. Timing his ult alongside Baptiste’s Biotic Launcher and Amplification Matrix also makes it even more powerful.

It turns out, though, that’s there’s a spot on Busan’s Downtown location that’s perfect for Doomfist players to lurk in while they prepare their plans for world domination.

Doomfist Overwatch flank
Blizzard Entertainment
Taking down a flying Doomfist can be quite a challenge.

Cheeky Overwatch Doomfist spot on Busan

While the Overwatch subreddit is full to the brim with insane highlight clips, one D.Va player has shared a video showing off a pretty crazy camping spot for the Nigerian DPS.

Writing “my teammate Doomfist showed me something new today,” we see the player’s squad take to the central area of Busan’s downtown streets.

Chaining his Rocket Punch and Rising Uppercut together, the Talon villain manages to land on the curved building across from the landing. D.Va stares on completely baffled, before becoming embroiled in the battle once more.

Timing his moment to perfection, the ally Doomfist charges back into the fray with the grace and might of Superman, demolishing his unsuspected enemies while his stupefied teammates looked on.

Having accrued nearly 5k upvotes at the time of writing, the post has attracted a lot of attention in its 6-hour history.

This may also be because of the hilarious editing that the original poster has added. The zoom-in on the shocked Korean idol is perfect, and you can almost picture her tapping the ally Lucio and being like “what is going on?!”

So, if you fancy giving this one a shot for yourself and startling both your team and the enemy, make sure you take the Talon agent for a spin the next time you are on Busan!