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Snappy Lucio Orisa combo can instantly win Overwatch fights

Published: 11/May/2020 17:34

by Michael Gwilliam


There’s few abilities in Overwatch with more combo potential than Orisa’s Halt, and when coordinated with a Lucio, the results can be deadly.

Since the release of the game, environmental eliminations have been sought after by Lucio mains of all ranks. Nothing feels better than sending a 600 HP tank off the map with one ability.

However, as players improved and their map knowledge grew, they stopped putting themselves in vulnerable positions where they could easily be booped to their demise by any hero with a knockback ability.

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Lucio can be a major playmaker.

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Orisa’s Halt can change all that, though, as showcased by reigning the Overwatch League champions San Francisco Shock during their May 10 match against the Toronto Defiant.


With the score tied 5-5 on Kings Row and the Shock needing to get the payload farther than the Defiant did in their overtime push, things were looking dire. The Defiant had just scored four kills, taking out more than half of the other team.

Despite the severe disadvantage, Grant ‘Moth’ Espe and Myeong-hwan ‘Smurf’ Yoo combined Halt and Sound Wave to gather the Defiant players together and knock them all off the map.

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The move instantly turned the tables Toronto and earned Moth over 40% Ultimate charge in the process.

The trick to getting this to work is all about coordination. Halt drags enemies forward to a position they don’t want to be in, such as an angle where they can be sent off the map. Working together with your Orisa to follow up on Halt can be critical to getting the most out of the ability.


While this did happen in Overwatch League with professionals, it’s not difficult to pull off and you can definitely make it work in your ranked games too. In fact, Twitch streamer EchoFlexx showed it’s very possible.

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At first, the Lucio player and his Orisa teammate had issues getting the timing right on Nepal Sanctum, but by the second attempt where the enemy tried to get onto the point, they successfully pulled it off.

Normally eliminating one or two players is enough to win a teamfight outright, but three should guarantee victory. Unless, of course, you fall victim to this combo like Toronto did.


Next time you have an Orisa or Lucio on your team, try to work together. You could just find your new best duo partner.