Smooth Lucio movement gets you around Oasis without touching the ground

by Brad Norton


Good luck putting a stop to this incredible Lucio rollout as the mobile Overwatch hero is, stunningly, able to zip around Oasis without hitting the floor.

From crazy Lijiang Tower rollouts to extraordinary plays on Hybrid maps like King’s Row, there never seems to be any shortage of new Lucio plays to captivate everyone in the lobby, and set new map-racing records.

The latest spectacle takes the Support hero to Oasis, and shows off a masterful chain of movement that keeps the character off the ground the entire time while moving from one end of the map to the other.

Overwatch Oasis Gardens overview
Gardens is the particular Oasis stage in focus throughout this incredible play.


Not the first map Reddit user ‘Puffis_Senpai’ has showcased their skills on, this Lucio veteran has become known for unbelievable maneuvers with the wall-riding hero.

Taking their talents to the bright and sunny Oasis this time around, they specifically honed in on the Gardens section of the Control map and cruised from coast to coast as smoothly as you could possibly imagine.

Starting from inside the spawn, they quickly dashed out and manipulated every surface they came near in order to boost momentum and carry on with their chain.

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From trees to pillars, long, outdoor jumps to more tight-knit, indoor hops, they navigated through the entire map and made it all seem effortless.


Often more flashy than practical, some Overwatch rollouts fail to have any real impact in an actual game and are more for show than anything. This particular pathing on Oasis Gardens, however, can actually be used to your benefit in-game.

Rushing straight out of the spawn room and following the exact chain of movement, means that you can get the jump on your opponents before they even have a chance to react.

Perhaps you’re able to boop an enemy tank forward into the rest of your team, or even just knock a squishy DPS hero in front of a shield, this speedy sequence can definitely come in handy the next time that Oasis pops up in the rotation.

Overwatch's Lucio speeding into battle.
Traversing Oasis on the ground might become a rarity if you master this movement.


The most recent map tour from the masterful Lucio player, they seem to be traveling through the entire world of Overwatch one remarkable sequence at a time.

There’s no telling which map they’ll tackle next but until then, you can use these genius paths to get a leg up on the competition in your next Support session.