Slick Overwatch rollout shows how Lucio can fly through Lijiang in style

Brad Norton

Lijiang Tower is often a playground for devious Lucio mains in Overwatch, and a brand new rollout on Garden shows how the hero can get to the fight in a risk-free manner. 

Facing away from the direction your hero is moving in can often be a risky play. You might accidentally stumble into an enemy or find yourself walking straight off the map for instance.

Mesmerizing Lucio mains have figured out an extraordinary Lijiang Tower rollout however, that spins the Support around and ensures that all headshot damage is avoided while the DJ makes his way through the map.

Lucio mains have been styling their way through Lijiang since the release of Overwatch in 2016.

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Soaring through various phases of the popular Control map is nothing new for Reddit user ‘Puffis_Senpai’ so the Lucio veteran devised a new method of getting from one end of the Garden stage to another.

Rather than coasting underneath the central point of the map itself, or sticking to an extremely safe but speedy path, this time they opted to turn the hero around and bounce from surface to surface without actually looking at the terrain ahead.

Hopping out of the spawn room backwards, they glided all the way through the capture point and over towards the enemy bridge where opposing players would be lined up for a devastating boop.

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While it might seem like an unnecessarily difficult way of getting across the map, the new technique actually does provide its own unique benefits. 

Lucio is able to avoid a great deal of incoming headshot damage with this method, meaning that it can be utilized at any point throughout the course of a round, not just the opening fight.

Diving Tank heroes like D.Va and Winston often adopt such a strategy when they boost or leap towards targets. This is done to nullify a significant amount of incoming fire, meaning that they have a whopping amount of HP remaining once they land on top of their foes. 

Through this backward rollout, Lucio is able to avoid potential one-shot blows and make it far more of a challenge for an opposing Widowmaker to take him out of commission, for instance.

Who knows what will be possible with Lucio rollouts once Overwatch 2 is released.

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Not the only extraordinary rollout put together by the crafty Lucio player of late, they’ve been mapping out new pathways involving standard, backward, and even sideways maneuvers. 

One particularly clutch sideways rollout could help you stall the first objective on Volskaya Industries if you’re able to replicate the play with similar finesse.