Sleek UI change could be the update Overwatch needs

Robert K

Role Queue system in Overwatch, players can only pick heroes from a specific class, which makes most of the hero pool unavailable.

The changes are already in Competitive play and will get added to Quick Play as well once Competitive Season 18 starts in September.

Blizzard EntertainmentPlayers can only select heroes from whatever class they queue up as in the new system.
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What could an updated hero select look like?

Because of the new Role Lock feature, Reddit user guro47 doesn’t think it makes sense to show heroes you can’t even select on the menu, so they redesigned the Hero Select screen to only show heroes that are available.

Of all the UI changes suggested by guro47, this new and improved hero select is one of the best ideas they had. There’s no point in being able to see or select another hero if you aren’t able to play them, right?

guro47The concept gets rid of unnecessary heroes on the screen.
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guro47 also came up with a completely new take on the hero select screen that shows each player’s entire hero, instead of just the icon.

It might not be a groundbreaking change like Role Queue is – but a change would definitely be refreshing after three-plus years of the same Hero Select screen.

guro47It would also allow for better skin coordination among teams.
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Does Overwatch need a scoreboard?

A live scoreboard that shows healing, damage, kills, deaths and assists like in other MOBA games is something some players have wanted since the game came out.

The current display doesn’t tell you much more than what hero your teammates are playing, their ult charge and whether they’re on fire.

guro47 took their own shot at making an in-game scoreboard, which looks pretty good, but probably won’t end the ongoing debate about whether Overwatch needs one, or if it would even make any difference.

The concept also includes changes to the in-game HUD, to see all of guro47’s ideas, you can check out the post here.

This would be nice to show your DPS that, yes, you were in fact healing.
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Blizzard is probably plenty busy making sure the rollout of the new Role Queue system goes smoothly – so a UI rework probably won’t happen in the near future, but it is interesting to see what people think about what changes should and shouldn’t happen.