Sinatraa shows off insane flanking Echo trick in Overwatch return stream

Sinatraa uses Echo in OverwatchTwitter/Sinatraa/Blizzard Entertainment

Former Overwatch League MVP turned Valorant pro Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won returned to the game that made him famous during a March 1 Twitch stream and it’s clear he hasn’t lost his touch.

While Sinatraa doesn’t play Overwatch nearly as much anymore, the Sentinels star could very well have continued his pro career as evidenced by his Echo plays in which he absolutely dominated the enemy.

The American Overwatch League and World Cup champion was playing Echo on defense on Hollywood and had drained half the clock leaving the attackers with only two minutes remaining to capture Point A.

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With Sinatraa having just used Echo’s Duplicate ultimate in the previous fight, he was going into the next engagement with zero ultimate charge, but that didn’t matter at all thanks to a quick flank and a Mercy pocket.

Echo uses focusing beam attackBlizzard Entertainment
Focusing Beam can shred enemy teams.

“Echo is f**king kinda nice, bro,” Won smirked as he flew into the air to fire some Sticky Bombs and primary fire shots at the double shield tanks.

Eventually, the enemy Baptiste was forced to use his Immortality Field early and Sinatraa took this moment to capitalize seeing as the attacker’s had a key ability now on cool down.

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As he flanked through the server room, Won had a Mercy following him, applying a damage boost, buffing his attacks by 30%. With this power, he was able to activate Focusing Beam on both enemy supports wiping them with ease.

To follow this up, he easily disposed of the Orisa with some primary fire shots, stocks a Hanzo with plenty of Sticky Bombs, and then helped dispose of the McCree and Sigma for the team kill.

Hilariously, all but one of those final blows belonged to Sinatraa, further showing the strength of Echo in a backline with a Mercy pocket.

“This character is f**king broken!” Sinatraa laughed out loud.

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In the end his team managed to clutch out the W and Sinatraa’s efforts earned him Play of the Game honors. It’s crazy to imagine what he would be capable of if he ever made a real return to Overwatch at some point in his still young career.