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Simple Overwatch weapon change would be a perfect grind before OW2

Published: 29/Mar/2021 10:49

by Lauren Bergin


When it comes to competitive Overwatch, fans love to show off those coveted golden weapons skins. If you’ve got them all, though, there isn’t much else for you to grind through – and one fan has come up with a potential solution. 

One of Overwatch’s most sought after items are the golden weapons. Available for every hero, they’re bought using competitive points and are a direct reflection of just how much work you’ve put into the grind.

What we haven’t really seen is any hints at adding new competitive weapons to the game. With Overwatch 2 now dropping in 2021, fans are desperate for any shred of new content that they can get, but Blizzard have remained pretty silent about adding new features to the original title.


Well, enter Reddit user Able-Metal-1554, who has come up with a range of concepts for high tier weapons that would make those seemingly useless points have a bit more value again.

New competitive weapon skin concept

Overwatch Genji golden weapon
Blizzard Entertainment
Golden weapons are the best way to flex on the competition.

A Reddit thread dedicated to the creation of new competitive tier skins shows off a whole host of examples that could (and absolutely should) make it into game.

With Able-Metal-1554 writing: “Here’s some extra weapon skin ideas to make Competitive Points more interesting,” the post has received 2.3k upvotes at the time of writing.

The new skin designs have a special weapon for Bronze, Silver, and Gold, as well as a Ruby and Prismatic skin, which would be reserved for only the best of the best.


The cost for each skin would be:

  • Bronze – 1000 competitive points.
  • Silver – 2000 competitive points.
  • Gold – 3000 competitive points.
  • Ruby – 5000 competitive points.
  • Prismatic – 10,000 competitive points.

Overwatch competitive skin concepts by Able-Metal-1554

Overwatch fans love the designs

Considering the reaction that the designs have gotten, it’s pretty clear that fans want to use their competitive points instead of letting them sit and gather dust.

With respondents saying they “like the concept of different types of guns” and referring to them as “really dope,” it’s the Prismatic skin that has people desperate to jump back into the grind.

Writing that it’s “time to farm 10,000 points,” as well as “I will literally play comp again to get prismatic Reinhardt,” the holographic skin is certainly a hit.

As the wait for Overwatch 2 gets ever longer, fans would really love to see something like this drop in Blizzard’s classic FPS. Whether or not that will happen, though, is a different matter.