Simple Overwatch trick makes Ashe’s BOB ultimate nearly immortal

Ashe and BOBBlizzard Entertainment

Out of all of the ultimates in Overwatch, it’s hard to find one as unique as Ashe’s BOB, which summons a seventh hero of sorts onto the battlefield. Thanks to a simple trick, this already powerful robot butler can survive practically anything.

Just as with any other “hero” in Overwatch, BOB can capture objectives, stall points, and be healed or damage boosted. However, one thing a lot of players may forget about is that he can use health packs as well.

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While you may not want your teammates to go without the health packs, BOB can help win a fight so cleanly that they wouldn’t have to worry.

As shown by KarQ in his latest “one obscure tech for every hero” video, by sending BOB towards a health pack, you can guarantee he gains back some health while damaging enemies.

(Segment starts at 3:33 for mobile viewers.)

BOB becomes unstoppable

Plus, whenever the health pack respawns, he’ll be the first to use it, meaning if he’s sitting on a mega, he’ll regain 250 of his large 1,200 HP pool.

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Considering the most impactful burst damage in the game is D.Va’s Self-Destruct at 1,000 DPS, BOB can tank the full explosion with 200 HP to spare. But his survivability becomes even crazier when you have a Sombra on your team.

By hacking a mega health pack and then sending BOB onto it, he’ll recover 250 HP every 3.75 seconds. Good luck killing him then!

Ashe summons BOBBlizzard Entertainment
BOB on a health pack is insane.

But wait, there’s more! If you have an Ana on your team who Bionades the BOB while he’s on the health pack, he’ll recover 375 HP with a single use, because of the 50% increased healing bonus.

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Next time you’re playing Ashe and need to keep enemies off an objective or within BOB’s line of sight, remember this trick and your foes will be in for a tough time trying to dislodge the robot as he keeps recovering so much health.

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