Simple changes make new Doomfist Overwatch League skin stand out

Blizzard Entertainment

One creative Overwatch fan has come up with a simple solution that would make the new San Francisco Shock Doomfist skin unique after fans complained it didn’t stand out.

When the Overwatch League unveiled the new Thunder Doomfist skin to celebrate the San Francisco Shock’s 2019 championship run, a lot of people didn’t think it stood out very well.

In contrast to the 2019 Winston skin celebrating the London Spitfire, which shared the team’s colors and had ample branding, Doomfist’s doesn’t really seem to do as good a job at representing the Shock.

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Blizzard Entertainment
The “Thunder” skin doesn’t look too bad at all, but a lot of people think it doesn’t really represent the team it was made for.

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Sensing the underlying sense of disappointment in certain parts of the community, Reddit user Czaz_Illustrations decided to take matters into their own hands to try and improve the skin.

They actually made three different concepts, all based around a fist recolored from blue to a much more appropriate orange for the Shock.

The one that most closely resembles the original skin is on the far left, and even though Czaz simply brightened up the gold and made some areas of the skin darker, it still stands out much more than the current version.

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Czaz made three different concepts in an attempt to improve the skin.

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In the middle, Doomfist has similar shaded pants, but the gold of the skin has been transformed into silver. It also looks pretty good, but not really as much of a “championship” skin as number one.

Finally, behind door number three is the most unique of the set, with skin that looks more like obsidian, which was one of the original inspirations for the outfit.

Fans on Reddit seemed to think that the second skin, with the silver, was the best of the three, but they’re all still lacking one thing: a Shock logo.

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The only time you get to see a Shock logo with the new skin is during his ultimate.

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“I don’t understand why they are avoiding the logo,” Reddit user CapRogers23 said on the skin. “I like the style… but without any outside explanation, there isn’t a person on the planet who would associate this with the Shock.”

Due to how underwhelmed fans seem to be about the skin, and the fact that Overwatch League no longer gives out tokens for watching the games, Thunder Doomfist could end up being one of the rarer skins for the hero.

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