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Sigma ultimate bug in Overwatch is breaking the game

Published: 14/Jan/2021 12:56

by Lauren Bergin


Sigma is already a pretty powerful Overwatch tank, however this possible bug is meaning that his ultimate is catching players who aren’t in its radius. 

Of all the tanks in Overwatch, Sigma is one of the ones that we see most frequently. A staple for most teams in both professional and casual play, the Dutch villain has become an integral part of the Overwatch meta.

The iconic mad scientist has been judged to be a little too powerful though, and has seen some pretty serious nerfs on the newest patch.

There’s one additional glitch, though, that Blizzard haven’t yet introduced a fix for, and it’s so game changing that it really needs sorted soon.


Sigma hits opponents with Gravitic Flux on Vokskaya Industries
Blizzard Entertainment
Sigma’s ultimate, Gravitic Flux, is causing even more chaos due to this glitch.

Gravitic Flux is bugged

A recent video thread on Reddit shows a serious issue with the Dutch scientist’s Gravitic Flux.

Frostychica‘s post shows them running Sigma in the Practice Range to prove their point. As seen in the video, D.Va (the test dummy of choice) is clearly outside of the Ultimate’s radius, but is lifted into the air and left to crash back to earth anyway.

This is a serious issue for Overwatch players, especially because the recent nerfs are to his shield, so Gravitic Flux remains as strong as ever. An issue like this can make or break a game, especially for squishy DPS and Support players.


There’s a very big problem with how Sigma’s ult interacts with players. Those that are clearly outside of the circle still get lifted into the air. I haven’t seen many posts about it here or on the forums from r/Overwatch

Fans are divided

While some fans are avidly demanding a fix for this, others have explained why this is happening.

One player writes “I think its just the way hitboxes work in this game, everything is huge and if you have even a toe over it lifts you up.”

A second comment echoes this, noting that “it could be what a lot of hitboxes do, in that on your screen the visual is a little smaller than the hitbox.”

One fan argued that this shouldn’t be changed, writing that “this happens to me all the time when trying to avoid it. It’s alright the way it is IMO, if it gets fixed then his ult will be less valuable, making the hero nerfed even more. I’m not a Sigma fan, but I do like to see every hero be impactful.”


So whether this is just part of playing against Sigma or whether it needs a fix, it’s certainly a useful thing to bear in mind. So next time you sense a Gravitic Flux, the best option is just to get as far away as possible!