Shanghai Dragons pull off sneaky ‘C9’ to redeem themselves against Overwatch League champions

The Shanghai Dragons are the darlings of the Overwatch League, and after a rough start to Season Two which included one of the worst C9’s ever seen in OWL, the Dragons redeemed themselves this week against the London Spitfire.

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Shanghai infamously went 0-40 in the Overwatch League’s Inaugural Season, cementing that roster as one of the most disappointing esports squads of all time.

It’s a different story this year though, in Season Two, the Dragons have managed a respectable 3-4 record after week four and have even redeemed themselves after committing a terrible C9 against the Dallas Fuel in week three.

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A C9, as fans of Overwatch may know by now, is when a team leaves the point or payload during a winnable round, essentially giving the other team a free win.

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While playing against the London Spitfire on Sunday, March 10, Shanghai were looking to tie things up on Route 66 when they took their small window to make a dash on the objective.

As the Dragons and the Spitfire fought above the motorcycle repair shop, Shanghai player Jin-hyeok ‘DDing’ Yang snuck around to the payload and quietly pushed it to the second checkpoint before London knew what hit them.

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“The Dragons are getting this one on,” caster Mitch ‘UBER’ Leslie remarked as the payload inched ever closer. “The Spitfire have no idea, they’re not even looking at the top of their screens.”

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The term C9 became a meme after Cloud9, who, ironically, are the organization who own the Spitfire, committed the offense several times during a match against Afreeca Freecs Blue in Apex Season 2.

Besides pulling off the sneaky back cap, Shanghai would also go on to win the match 3-2 against the Season One champs.

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It’s very unlikely that the Dragons will make the Stage One playoffs, but they have already improved on their showing last season considerably, so the rest of Season Two could be very interesting for Shanghai.