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Shanghai Dragons Releases Statement from Manager as the Team Remains Winless

Published: 22/May/2018 18:27 Updated: 13/Oct/2020 16:20

by Joe O'Brien


Shanghai Dragons has released a statement from manager Van Yang regarding the team’s performance.

The Dragons have been the weakest team in the Overwatch League throughout. As the regular season approaches its end in Stage 4, they remain without a single match win across the entire league, with a high likelihood that they will finish winless in Season One.

After the first two stages of the league, the Dragons were able to bring in a swathe of fresh talent, including four Korean players and one new Chinese player. Though the additions have resulted in a notable step up in individual talent, the team as a whole remains weak, still without a win at a 0-32 overall record so far.

Many considered the first week of Stage 4 as the best opportunity remaining for the Dragons to put a win on the board. Their first match of the stage was against Dallas Fuel, who themselves have struggled immensely throughout the season and were without star player Hwang ‘Effect’ Hyeon.


Though the Dragons took a map in both that match and their later series against LA Valiant, they weren’t able to find a series win, leading many to conclude that a 0-40 finish to the league looks almost inevitable.

In the aftermath of the first week’s defeats, Shanghai Dragons manager Van has made a statement addressing some of the criticisms of the team.

Fans of the ShanghaiDragons and Overwatch league, here is a letter form our team manager @SHD_Van regarding recent events.

Fans and players of Overwatch:


Our last two losses must have disappointed and hurt you. Here I offer my apology to all the fans for letting you down again. We are sad as well and are even hating ourselves for not having seized the opportunity to win.

As two matches ended up in losses, we received many questions, criticisms, and blame from you. We understand that we have to take those after we lost these two games.

However, I’d like to offer an explanation for some questions you’ve raised:

We have the most intensive training scheme among all the teams, ever since we arrived last December. Our daily schedule starts at 10:30am as we leave for training facilities and return to our houses around 10:30 to 11:00pm, with a possible training extension to 12:00am; we train six days a week with one day off. During mid-stages, we have 3-4 days off depends on other teams’ schedule (if we can have scrims with them).

This is how intensive we train in US. We ask all our players to give everything in training, but we also let players relax however they want during off days.

Upon finishing Stage 3, we make 6th, 7th, 9th, and 13th of May as days of rest, according to other teams’ schedule and our own travelling plans.

Many fans have been questioning and were confused that why several Shanghai Dragons players were playing other games. To make a serious investigation into the matter, we checked every player’s game records with their respective in-game IDs. We can confirm that most games happened during off days, which are four days of 6th, 7th, 9th, and 13th of May. Except some particular players of the team, most players, in all players that fans have questioned about, played other games between 0.5 to 3 hours during off days.

I think it’s worth a discussion on how players, who are passionate about games, should relax themselves when living in US and having a daily schedule almost nothing but training and rest. But this does not mean that we’ve ever let up on training on Overwatch. We are still putting every minute during training days into Overwatch, in order to solve existing problems of the team. We hope we can win a game sooner to answer fans’ support.

Besides, this recent investigation has further confirmed some issues that we have found out and are to be handled inside the team. We will announce it once it’s done. Thanks you!

At last, I want to speak from the heart to all the fans that have followed, supported and encouraged us:

We deeply understand the hope we bear on our shoulders. We understand how important training is and how devoted we should be. We are never the people that give up or let up easily. We will continue to give everything in our training, and remain thirsty of improvement and victory, on which we are going to work to make it happen inch by inch.

I apologise again for recent losses. We will not slack off or give up. We are going to keep on training and solve existing problems, to win your recognition again in the future. Thank you!


How to use OP Torb turret placement in Overwatch Junkenstein’s Revenge

Published: 28/Oct/2020 0:20

by Bill Cooney


Junkenstein’s Revenge is one of the best ways to earn loot boxes during Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event, and there are a few spots for Torbjorn’s turret you should probably know about.

Halloween in Overwatch means plenty of new skins to unlock, including the Ragdoll Echo skin, which is now available until the event ends on November 3.

The only way to unlock the DPS hero’s new skin though is to win 9 games in any mode. If you stick to quick play and competitive this could easily take one or even two whole days, but if you simply grind them out in Junkenstein’s Revenge, the wins will only take a couple of hours instead.

Even though the seasonal PvE survival mode goes quicker than regular matches, you can definitely still lose if you don’t have the right team comp. This means that at all difficulty levels, Torbjorn is still a must-pick for his turret and it’s constant damage output.

Torbjorn Halloween Terror skin
Blizzard Entertainment
You won’t get far in the harder difficulties of Junkenstein’s without Torb.

As for where to put this powerful, Zomnic-slaying device, there are several options that all work quite well, and are all fairly easy to pull off too – like on top of the overturned cart right down the middle lane. It has a commanding line of sight for the middle and left staircase spawns, and even covers part of the pond on the right side.

The best part of this spot might be the fact that it’s too close for Zombardiers to immediately target it, and it will hold boss aggro for as long as it’s around.

Next, placing the turret on the railing right on top of the left-hand stairs also gives it a great shot at all three spawns instead of just two, and gives you the ability to run up there and repair it when needed.

Finally, if you’re looking for something extra flashy to really impress your teammates, there’s even a way to get the turret up to the wooden platform just above the door where Widow and Ashe usually hang out.

Step by step for best turret placement in JR from Overwatch

Like in the clip above, head up the stairs to the right and go on to the platform they lead to (the place we all used to place the turret). Then head to the ledge closest to the door and aim at the ridge on the tower above the platform, straight up from the bush on the right side.

Another option is to jump from the edge and throw it at the apex of Torb’s leap if you have trouble getting it there while standing still. Toss it up, and your little guy is all set to rain down death on the army of undead charging the gates, and hopefully unlock that Echo skin a little bit quicker.