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Overwatch • Oct 23, 2018

Shanghai Dragons rebuild with Korean roster for Overwatch League Season Two

Shanghai Dragons rebuild with Korean roster for Overwatch League Season Two
Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Shanghai Dragons have revealed their roster for Season Two of the Overwatch League.


After ending Season One of the league without having won even a single match, the Dragons released almost their entire team.

Only Lu ‘Diya’ Weida, Kim ‘Geguri’ Se-yeon and Lee ‘Fearless’ Eui-seok remained from the Season One roster, but the Dragons have now announced six new players that will be joining them for Season Two.

Notably, Shanghai has moved away from its Chinese squad, instead entirely adding South Korean players. As of now, Diya is the only Chinese player on the team.


Four of the new additions join from Kongdoo Panthera, the runners-up in Season Two of Contenders Korea. Those four are DPS pair Yang ‘DDing’ Jin-hyeok and Jin ‘Youngjin’ Young-jin, and support duo Son ‘CoMa’ Kyeong-Woo and Yang ‘Luffy’ Seong-hyeon.

The squad is rounded out by flex tank Jo ‘GuardiaN’ Jun-hwan, formerly of Boston Uprising academy team Toronto Esports, and Bae ‘Diem’ Min-seong, who played for the Lucky Future Zenith team that dominated both seasons of Contenders China.

Though the Dragons will no longer field a predominantly-Chinese roster, it remains likely that there will be at least one team that does so in Season Two, as there will be three expansion teams representing Chinese cities. None of the expansion teams have yet announced full rosters, however.


Season Two of the Overwatch League is set to begin on February 14. Teams will have until December 8 to finalize their rosters for the start of the season, with a new minimum roster size of eight players.

Shanghai Dragons full current roster:

PlayerRolePrevious/S1 Team
Lu 'Diya' WeidaDPSShanghai Dragons
Kim 'Geguri' Se-yeonFlex TankShanghai Dragons
Lee 'Fearless' Eui-seokMain TankShanghai Dragons
Bae 'Diem' Min-seongDPSLucky Future Zenith
Yang 'DDing' Jin-kyeokDPSKongdoo Panthera
Jin 'Youngjin' Young-jinDPSKongdoo Panthera
Jo 'GuardiaN' Jun-hwanFlex TankToronto Esports
Yang 'Luffy' Seong-hyeonSupportKongdoo Panthera
Son 'CoMa' Kyung-wooSupportKongdoo Panthera

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