Shanghai Dragons have a disastrous “C9” fail during Overwatch League match - Dexerto

Shanghai Dragons have a disastrous “C9” fail during Overwatch League match

Published: 3/Mar/2019 17:07 Updated: 3/Mar/2019 23:44

by Vincent Genova


The Shanghai Dragons finally picked up a win in the Overwatch League, but unfortunately they followed it up with lowlight they will want to forget.

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Shanghai were in the fourth map against the Dallas Fuel holding a 2-1 lead in map count, attacking the payload on Dorado.

The teams were in Overtime, so if Shanghai left the payload, the map would end. Unfortunately for the Dragons, that is exactly what happened.

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What made it even worse was there was no pressure on the payload, meaning they left it for no reason.

There may have been a miscommunication on which players were supposed to “tag” the payload to extend the clock while still pressuring Dallas, or someone simply drifted too far away on accident.


Whatever the reason, the fail resulted in a true C9.

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C9 is a term used in the Overwatch community for when a team ignores the objective, named after an infamous match where Cloud 9 failed to capture points despite a clear slaying advantage.

It is usually spammed in Twitch chat as a meme for a variety of fails, but the Dragons gave us perhaps the clearest example of a C9 in the Overwatch League.

Shanghai would go on to lose the match, thankfully they already won this season.