Shadowlands Mercy skin for Overwatch is the crossover we need for BlizzCon

Published: 17/Jan/2021 6:10

by Andrew Amos


Blizzard certainly isn’t shy of a crossover or two in their games. Hell, Heroes of the Storm is the ultimate crossover between all their franchises. However, we could always do with more, and this World of Warcraft Shadowlands-inspired Mercy skin would be perfect for Overwatch.

There’s no shortage of crossovers in Overwatch. Almost every hero in the game has a skin based off one of Blizzard’s various other franchises, from World of Warcraft to StarCraft 2. There’s even a Blizzard World map.

However, that doesn’t mean another few won’t hurt. With Blizzard’s selection of IP forever expanding, the limits on these crossovers don’t really exist.

Blizzard Entertainment
Sure, Mercy has a lot of skins in Overwatch, but what’s one more if it’s a crossover this good?

Most recently, that’s been seen in World of Warcraft. With the game’s latest expansion, Shadowlands, being a massive hit with players throughout the tail-end of 2020 and into 2021, there’s definitely room to introduce a new WoW skin or two to Overwatch.

Enter Dark Val’kyr Mercy. Modelled after the Val’kyr of the Scourge, who were first introduced to the franchise back in 2007 in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, are almost the anti-thesis of Mercy’s kit as a healer. However, she does look like them.

With a few cosmetic twists to her armor, Emilie Sanda and Zach Fischer put together a skin worthy of being ported over into Overwatch. Amplified by community figure ‘OverwatchNaeri’, the design has been adored by thousands.

The timing couldn’t be any more apt. With BlizzConline just around the corner in February 2021, a few crossover skins from other Blizzard franchises into Overwatch wouldn’t go astray.

Naeri has the same thought ⁠— “BlizzCon 2021 is coming soon! It would be great if [a] Shadowlands collaboration skin was released on Overwatch this time at BlizzConline,” she said.

Given Overwatch 2 could potentially be further delayed to 2022, more new content for the base game would go a long way. One can only hope that Blizzard already has something similar cooking in the back for Mercy ⁠— or maybe another Shadowlands crossover for Overwatch.

Apex Legends

Simple Apex Legends Horizon trick makes Gibraltar & Bangalore ultimates useless

Published: 24/Feb/2021 5:28 Updated: 24/Feb/2021 5:35

by Andrew Amos


Bunkering down away from a Gibraltar or Bangalore ult in Apex Legends? Why not rise above it? Well, that’s what players are doing now, with this simple Horizon trick making it easy to avoid getting hit by both artillery drops.

Gibraltar and Bangalore’s ultimates in Apex Legends are some of the best in the game. They can lock down areas, raining hell from above and making it almost impossible to fight back through the damage and the stuns.

You can shelter inside, or drop a Gibby bubble of your own, but what if you wanted to fight back? Well, that’s where Horizon comes in for this nifty trick.

Horizon in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
If you’re a Horizon main, you’d want this Apex Legends trick under your belt.

Reddit user ‘Jagaleksandr’ showed off the trick, and how it can save your team in a pinch. Just by throwing down your Tactical ability, Gravity Lift, you can rise above the airstrikes and avoid all damage. You won’t even get shell-shocked.

After both Gibraltar and Bangalore’s ults finish, you can then drop back down to the ground. With a cheeky reposition, you can easily catch your enemies off-guard.

There is one drawback against the Horizon ultimate trick though ⁠— you won’t be able to strafe while in the air against Gibraltar. If you do so, you might be caught by a stray rocket.

This can make you a sitting duck in mid-air, but given the chaos thrown down, you should be able to get through scott-free. You might even be able to fire back, using the extra height to your advantage.

Use Horizon’s gravity lift to completely ignore Gibraltar’s and Bangalore’s rockets from r/apexuniversity

The trick might not be the most effective in isolated situations, but in the chaos of a final circle, with multiple squads fighting, this simple trick could be the difference between being crowned champion, or seeing the “Game Over” screen.

Horizon is already one of the best characters in Apex Legends, but this trick definitely separates her from the rest in late-game fights.