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Secret Overwatch trick lets Symmetra teleport enemies

Published: 10/Mar/2020 20:32

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch players have discovered that it’s actually possible to teleport an enemy hero using Symmetra’s Teleporter, and all it takes is Reinhardt and a little luck.

Since the early days of Overwatch, Symmetra’s Teleporter has taken players from point A to B efficiently, even though it’s now a cooldown rather than an ultimate as it was at first.

Even though the Teleporter is one of the game’s classic abilities, there’s one hidden technique making the rounds that players might not know about.

Symmetra on Practice Range in Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Symmetra still seems to have tricks up her sleeve almost four years after release.

A clip posted by Reddit user snusHazard shows just how the esoteric Symmetra technique works, and it actually makes a ton of sense once you realize what’s going on.


To start, snus and their team are attacking the first choke point on Hanamura when the allied Symmetra puts her teleporter down just in front of the gate. As the fight breaks out Reinhardt, being the hero that he is, decides to charge and try to pin his counterpart on the enemy team.

Not only is the pin successful, they also take the enemy Rein through the teleporter with them into the opposing team’s backline.

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It’s definitely an interesting technique, but it would definitely take a little bit of luck, strategy, or both to pull off successfully.

Symmetra’s Teleporter can be destroyed by enemies fairly easily if they target it, so timing is also a factor in pulling it off just right.


The clip from snus seems to rely almost completely on luck, but it wouldn’t be impossible for Symmetra to put her Teleporter pad in a spot that enemies might not see until they’re already pinned.

Above all though, it takes a Symmetra player who knows what they’re doing.

Reinhardt’s charge has seen a number of issues since the March 5 Overwatch patch, but in this case he still seems to be able to charge through Symmetra’s Teleporter just fine.

Before you try this technique though, it’s definitely worth tracking down a Symmetra or Reinhardt that knows what to do and actually uses voice chat.