Secret Overwatch trick gives every hero a ‘super jump’ with ease

Overwatch Baptiste gameplayBlizzard

A secret Overwatch trick can help launch any hero off the ground with much greater height than usual. Here’s how the new ‘super jump’ is done.

When it comes to mastering Overwatch, movement is key. No matter which role you’re in or which hero you happen to be playing, navigating each map and timing your steps in every fight are critical to success.

While some characters like Genji are far more agile than the likes of Roadhog for instance, everyone shares a common trait: All 32 heroes in Overwatch today can jump.

Given the variety of designs, however, some can jump higher than others. From Zarya’s bubble-blasting launch to Soldier’s rocket jump, there are plenty of little tricks to improve your gameplay.

But a new ‘super jump’ trick may have just changed the game across the board. Regardless of your chosen hero, everyone can now benefit from a bigger jump than usual with this secret Overwatch trick.

With Busan’s Meka Base stage, a unique map feature is in play. Exclusive to this particular battleground you’ll find three moving walls that pop up from out of the ground to surround the objective.

It’s with these rising walls that the super jump trick from YouTuber McMagicMarv comes into play. Simply standing atop one of the three platforms and jumping at the right time can provide a massive boost to your momentum.

Jumping at the very top of the platform’s elevation won’t do anything, however. So this trick has to be done in motion as it quickly rises up. 

No matter which hero you’re charging into battle with, anyone can benefit from this surprise tactic. It could be enough to help win a team fight with a shocking flank or it could even help you flee from a losing fight. Plenty of new options just opened up with this discovery.

Busan just happens to be the only map this super jump trick is possible. Although other maps like Hollywood and Volskaya feature similar rising platforms, they fail to provide any real boost to your regular jump.

With that said, this is a handy trick to keep in the back of your mind. Whenever Busan appears in rotation, you could just dazzle the entire lobby with this next-level play.