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Secret Numbani high ground could be Widowmaker’s best spot in Overwatch

Published: 28/Jan/2020 17:40

by Michael Gwilliam


Widowmaker is easily one of Overwatch’s most oppressive heroes with her ability to one-shot the majority of the game’s cast. While it takes tremendous mechanical skill to carry games with the sniper lady, making use of a secret high ground spot on Numbani can tip the odds in your team’s favor even further.

As demonstrated by Twitch streamer and Widow main Brian ‘Kephrii’ St. Pierre, the spot in question is directly above the third and final checkpoint for the attackers. By grappling above onto an arch of the museum building, players can actually firmly position themselves without falling below.


After Kaphrii removed an enemy Hanzo from the backline, he grappled up to this spot where he had an excellent vantage point to overlook the battle. With his superb aim, he was able to take out an Ana, Doomfist, and Baptiste before eventually dying to an enemy Widow.

Blizzard Entertainment
Hard to believe the high ground above the museum was accessible.

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However, his efforts were enough to make a lot of space for his team and force the opponent to turn their backs to the payload in order to focus on him.

Now, imagine if you will, that the payload has already made its final left turn and was in the home stretch of the map. Kephrii’s positioning would have been even more difficult to deal with because the enemy team is forced into a very compromising situation.


They would have had to eliminate Kephrii and turn their backs to the payload, content the payload to ensure the round doesn’t end, and then wipe the enemy team. Forcing the opposing team to multitask like this can lead to easy victories, especially if communication is lacking.

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This isn’t the only crafty Widowmaker spot on Numbani either. As Dexerto previously reported, Reddit user ‘IAmDawk’ found a really nice vantage point by grappling onto the very edge of a window on point C to freely fire down a major choke.

Of course, Widowmaker’s threat-level rises immensely once damage-multipliers are factored in. If you have a Mercy on your team, tell her where you are so she can guardian angel up to you and damage boost each of your shots.


With help from Mercy’s blue beam, not only are your shots charged faster, but you’re also doing 30% more damage. This means that characters like Brigitte who have 250HP, including 200 armor, can be one-tapped.

Blizzard Entertainment
With a damage boost, Widowmaker becomes the scariest hero in the game.

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Next time you’re in a match on Numbani and want to try your luck as Widowmaker, remember these spots. With any luck and a bit of skill, you could even up winning the match for your team.

Even if you’re not scoring kills, just the threat that you’re up there can be enough for your foes to use resources to contest you or even swap off their hero picks. And that can be just as useful as fragging out.