Secret Brigitte trick makes Overwatch Support hero even stronger

Brad Norton
Overwatch Brigitte trick

Brigitte may be stronger than ever in Overwatch as players have just uncovered a secret trick to get the most out of her attacks.

While Brigitte has been part of the Overwatch cast since 2018, at times even dominating the meta, players are still figuring out new ways to elevate the Support hero.

From outright countering Tanks to launching into the sky and taking down aerial foes, Brig is one of the more versatile Supports in Overwatch today. Though even the most experienced players may not be aware of one simple feature.

Brigitte’s primary attack with the Rocket Flail can actually be manipulated. Rather than just holding down the trigger and letting loose, there’s a small trick you can employ to make every hit more accurate.

Overwatch Brigitte
One simple Brig trick can have you dealing more damage than ever.

While aiming at your targets up close, it’s easy to just keep them centered and flail away. However, you might want to change up your playstyle moving forward.

It turns out that Brig’s attack gains more range if you pivot your aim ever so slightly. As the first attack swings to the left-hand side, you should try aiming a little to the right of your target. 

This surprisingly extends the melee weapon, allowing you to reach enemies you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. If an enemy is just out of range, you can simply turn to your side and ensure every swing meets the mark.

The simple yet effective trick works in both directions as well. So rather than keeping an opposing hero in your sights, it’s better to alternate your aim. Switch from left to right with each swing and you’ll be hitting more than usual.

It’s this clear attention to detail that has Overwatch players analyzing everything to this day. All in hopes of finding new tricks five years since launch.

While Overwatch 2 may still be a ways off, there’s no telling how many secrets are still waiting to be discovered in the original game.