Seagulll demonstrates how to use Torbjörn’s new ultimate in Overwatch

The recently introduced Torbjörn rework gave the Swede a new ultimate ability, and Overwatch streamer Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned gave fans a great example of how to use it.

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Attacking on Ilios Ruins, Seagull starts out in spawn explaining to viewers that Torbjörn “still has the fundamental issue that his ultimate isn’t that great unless you catch people off guard or in a choke somewhere.”

He compares it D.Va’s ultimate in that “you gotta have some finesse, you know?”

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After sharing his thoughts on new Torb, Seagull throws down a turret and activates Molten Core, to give viewers a little demonstration.

The Brigitte falls almost right away, and the enemy Wrecking Ball is taken down to health then quickly finished off.

Lucio hops towards the streamer in a futile attempt to shut him down and ends up getting a spread shot to the face, Seagull manages to take out the enemy Widowmaker too, but it isn’t enough to win his team the round.

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The Torbjörn rework went live along with the Halloween Terror event earlier in October, and the changes seem to have been an improvement to many over his old kit.

Seagull retired from the Overwatch League’s Dallas Fuel at the end of the League’s inaugural season to go back to streaming full time.