Seagull tries to give sniping advice to young teammate during Overwatch match

by Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment/The Overwatch League


Former Overwatch League player Brandon 'Seagull' Larned has played his fair share of sniper heroes, but got a response he probably wasn't expecting when he tried to give a teammate advice on sniping.


Anyone who watches his stream knows Seagull plays a lot of Hanzo, but he's been known to hop around to other heroes as well, especially during Overwatch League Season One.

One of Seagull's teammates in 3v3s during stream had no idea who he was, so Seagull decided to team up with the player to see what would happen.


In another game, after telling his teammate that Ashe is pretty good when quick scoping, they replied, "I came from CS:GO you trying to tell me I can't quick scope fam?"

After slipping up and revealing he used an SSG in CS:GO, Seagull's teammate tries to backtrack, but the streamer won't let him get out of it that easily.


"Ok, got a little auto sniper over here," Seagull told his teammate with a laugh, before the kid launched into a string of expletives that took the streamer by surprise.

Somehow, it seems like if a former Overwatch League pro tried to give most other players advice on sniping, they'd probably be pretty grateful, but seeing as his teammate had no idea who he was, it's unlikely that he'll take Seagull's advice to heart.