Seagull shows that Torbjörn is still able to get hilarious Overwatch plays

Bill Cooney

One of the biggest changes to go live in Overwatch recently was the total rework of Torbjörn and his kit, but former Overwatch League pro Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned showed Twitch viewers that even though he has new abilities, he’s still able to get hilarious play of the game clips.

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After winning a round on Temple of Anubis, Seagull seems pretty impressed with himself. “Holy crap I’m dominating,” the streamer tells his viewers.

His play of the game starts playing, and just shows Seagull walking out of spawn as Torb while his turret does all the work, “Wow, check out this sick play of the game boys.”

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The streamer, or rather his turret and the rest of the team, racks up a quadruple kill while Torbjoörn moseys his way from spawn back to the point.

‘What can I say chat? It’s that easy, you know?” Seagull laughed as he wished teammates gg and prepared for his next match.

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The Torbjörn rework went live along with the Halloween Terror Event, and so far the changes seem to be well received by streamers and many in the Overwatch community.

Seagull, who played for the Dallas Fuel, retired from Overwatch League at the end of Season 1 to go back to streaming and getting hilarious Torbjörn POTGs full-time.