Overwatch streamer Seagull gets taken out by a perfectly-timed random headshot

by Bill Cooney


Getting eliminated right at the beginning of an Overwatch match is one of the most frustrating things that can happen, but it’s somehow even worse when you predict that it’s going to happen, like Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned did.


Seagull previously played for the Dallas Fuel during Overwatch League Season One, before retiring and returning to full-time streaming after the Grand Finals.

Lately, Seagull has been playing with Overwatch’s newest hero Ashe, who, unfortunatley for him, has a pretty large head hitbox.


As the match begins, Seagull fires at the Hanzo leaving the high spawn and remarks “if he had headshot me right there I was going to be so upset.”

Almost as soon as the words leave his lips, a Hanzo arrow plants itself directly in Ashe’s forehead and Seagull is eliminated in the most ironic way possible.


The timing of the clips really makes it hilarious, as it cuts out just after Seagull gets taken out while the streamer is still in stunned silence.

This could have happened to any player, but the fact it happened to Seagull live on stream at this exact time makes the moment even better.