Seagull explains why Overwatch’s meta is “best it’s been in years”

Seagull waves on Overwatch Watchpoint with TracerBlizzard Entertainment

Retired Overwatch pro and full-time Twitch streamer Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned explained why he believes the game is in the best state it’s been for a long time.

During a broadcast, the popular Overwatch player was asked by a viewer about his thoughts on the game and its current state.

“In my opinion from playing casual ladder, and keep in mind this is not pro play, I don’t actually care about pro play… I know once you start getting to top 100ish MMR the meta is shaping into a lot of Reaper-Sombra rushdown,” he explained. “But I would say right now it’s probably in the best it’s been for many years in terms of meta.”

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Aside from the highest levels of play where those invested will find and optimize the best composition imaginable, the rest of the game seems to be rather balanced with all sorts of viable options.

A large reason for this newfound balance in the meta could be due to the overwhelming healing and damage nerfs that Blizzard pushed through in recent weeks.

The amount of burst healing in the game has been significantly reduced with nerfs to Baptiste, Moira, Brigitte and Ana while burst damage took a hit too. This included nerfs to Ashe, Widowmaker, Junkrat, McCree and more.

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That said, by the sound of things, Sombra and Reaper may be next on the chopping block if those heroes remain too oppressive.

Reaper teleports on Temple of AnubisBlizzard Entertainment
Reaper may be the next hero to be nerfed.

“Honestly, from going to GOATS meta into double shield, and before that it was Orisa-Hog meta, this is the most diverse meta we’ve seen in years I think,” Seagull continued. “But, we’ll see.”

It will be interesting to see how the meta evolves with so many viable options on the table for players. Hopefully, Blizzard keeps the balance stable like this until Overwatch 2 is eventually released.

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