SADO Helps Philadelphia Fusion to Victory in Overwatch League Debut

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Philadelphia Fusion’s Kim ‘SADO’ Su-min helped his team to victory over the Boston Uprising in his Overwatch League debut.

Despite having been signed to the team for the start of the league, SADO was unable to play in the first three stages after he was found to have been extensively involved in account boosting and was issued a 30-match ban.

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SADO has consequently been the subject of some controversy, with Korean players and fans in particular viewing boosting as a major offence. The topic came under a spotlight recently after commentator Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles criticized Korean commentators for refusing to say the names of SADO and OGE, the two players in the league who have been disciplined for boosting.

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Fellow Overwatch League commentator Mitch ‘Uber’ Leslie took a light shot towards the Korean casters when SADO joined the match, making a point of highlighting the name of the new Fusion player.

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SADO came in after the Philadelphia Fusion were down one map and remained in the line-up for the remaining three games, all of which the Fusion won. He even demonstrated some good synergy with his team-mates, on one occasion baiting the enemy team with a dive into a small room on Dorado to allow Josue ‘EQO’ Corona to follow up with a Riptire.

The Philadelphia Fusion became the first team to defeat the Boston Uprising in a regular season match since week three of Stage 2. The victory may well prove crucial, with Philadelphia currently sitting in sixth in the overall standings still very much fighting to maintain a spot in the end-of-season playoffs.

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