Ridiculous Overwatch trick gives Winston two Primal Rage ultimates

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Earning ultimate charge in Overwatch can be crucial to your team’s success, and a unique trick with Winston can let him earn two for the price of one.

Primal Rage can be a fantastic ultimate for stalling on points, securing environmental kills and simply causing a bunch of chaos on an objective. The downside is that it only lasts ten seconds, so you need to make the most out of it while you can.

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Luckily, there is an amazing trick that players can perform if the circumstances are right, which can let Winston get two Primal Rages – and potentially even more back-to-back.

In Overwatch, environmental kills are valued extremely high. Knocking an enemy off the map will grant you ultimate charge equivalent to their full health. Basically, killing a 600 HP Roadhog with a boop will earn you as much as if you did 600 damage to him.

Blizzard Entertainment
You can earn ultimate charge as Winston with Primal Rage kills.

Because Primal Rage is excellent for securing environmental frags, it’s possible to time the ability just right so that enemies are off the map right as Primal Rage ends.

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As showcased by Redditor giusemira9898, while on Lijang Tower, the Winston has Primal Rage activated and knocks Ana and Symmetra off the map… but the kills only register after the ultimate ends.

The result is the Winston player getting 85% ultimate charge right off the bat. Keep in mind too, that the enemy Lucio used Sound Barrier making those kills extra valuable as enemies had loads of additional health.

Of course, it is possible in theory to chain these ultimates together. Had the player ended his second Primal Rage by knocking off the enemy tanks, chances are they would have had a third ultimate in a matter of seconds.

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Some may consider this ultimate charge rate trick a bit of a bug – after all, getting ult charge for kills with an ultimate is a bit unfair, but pulling this off in a game can be tricky. Nonetheless, next time you’re playing Winston, keep this in mind and it may just give your team the victory.

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