Reinhardt’s charge in Overwatch glitching out after March 5 patch

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Overwatch players and streamers have noticed that something doesn’t seem quite right with Reinhardt’s charge ability following the Retail patch on March 5.

Reinhardt seems to be running into things he shouldn’t be while charging, like pillars he’s parallel to or slight inclines on the ground.

The strange interactions are different from what players have become used to on some maps, and can make Rein feel less sharp to play with than he was previously.

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Take the above clip from Reddit user nicbobeak for example – usually his charge takes him all the way up the stairs from the starting position in the shuttle on Lijiang Tower.

Instead, he’s stopped midway up as if he were hitting a wall. It’s not exactly a game-breaking glitch, but it can be annoying for players who are used to keeping their momentum after the stairs.

Players in the comments of nicbobeak’s post said it wasn’t just happening on Lijiang – instead, there are a bunch of “bugged” trouble spots for Rein apparently all over following the March 5 update.

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Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel ran into one of the bugged spots himself while he was playing in a match on Hollywood.

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As xQc lined up his charge, he should have been well clear of the beam to his left, but it seemed to clip him and bring his push to a sudden stop.

“What was that about? What was that?” xQc exclaimed, channeling the feelings of every Reinhardt player who’s run into a similar situation in recent days.

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Even though multiple players have reported issues with Rein’s charge ever since the patch dropped on March 5, it’s not clear whether or not Blizzard is aware of the problem yet.

Blizzard Entertainment
Reinhardt’s charge is causing Overwatch players more problems than it usually does.

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There are several threads about the issue on the official Overwatch forums, but so far the bug hasn’t made it into the patch 1.45 official “Known Issues” developer thread.

Whatever the root cause is, it’s clear Reinhardt hasn’t been playing like he’s supposed to since the update, so hopefully, Blizzard takes care of it with a fix soon.

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