Reaper and Tracer got a much-needed update in Overwatch’s PTR patch

by Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment


Players have discovered that both Reaper and Tracer can now sing in the karaoke parlor of the Busan City Center map in the latest Overwatch PTR update.


The update included bug fixes for a number of heroes, including Ashe, Torbjorn, Brigitte and Reinhardt.

It also introduced home and away skins for the eight new Overwatch League expansion teams, which, along with the new karaoke options, gives fans plenty to mess around with.


Tracer sings a song similar to McCree’s, while Reaper simply stands in front of the microphone and proclaims “I don’t sing.”

The clip of the new feature was shared to the Overwatch subreddit by user andygmb, and one user pointed out in the comment section that this brings the total number of heroes who can sing to eight: Genji, Hammond, McCree, Reaper, Reinhardt, Torbjorn, Tracer, and Zenyatta.


Overwatch’s December 14 PTR update capped off a week filled with updates that began with the start of the Winter Wonderland event on Tuesday, December 11.

With Overwatch League starting On February 14, 2019, we should see plenty of balance updates and patches before then.