Rawkus is hilariously shut down by Muma while trying to inspire the Houston Outlaws

by Vincent Genova


The Houston Outlaws were playing the Dallas Fuel when Support player Shane ‘Rawkus’ Flaherty tried to give an inspirational speech.


Unfortunately for him, it was not a Hoosiers moment and he was instantly, and hilariously, shot down by teammate Austin ‘Muma’ Wilmot.

“Guys, we’re in like a really good mental mood right now,” started Rawkus. As for how his speech ended, well, check out the NSFW clip below.


Judging by his reaction, Muma may have been in slightly less of a really good mental mood at that point of the match.

Muma and Rawkus were key pieces for Houston in the inaugural season of the Overwatch League, leading the Outlaws to a 22-18 record and barely missing out on the playoffs.

The pair of Americans also played together on Team USA during the Overwatch World Cup, where they won their group before losing to the U.K in the knockout round.


The Houston Outlaws will be getting new competition for the second OWL season, when a total of eight expansion teams join.

They will need to be in a really good mental mood to build on their year one performance and make the playoffs this time around, hopefully Rawkus has more speeches planed.