Profit Pulls Off Insane Play to Win Overwatch Grand Finals Series Against Philadelphia Fusion

by Joe O'Brien


London Spitfire’s Park ‘Profit’ Joon-yeong pulled off an unbelievable play to close out the opening series of the Overwatch League grand finals.

The Spitfire DPS player came in with a massive five kills in the final seconds of the last map to secure the victory for London.


Philadelphia Fusion had drawn first blood in the opening series of the grand finals with a win on Dorado, but a swift response from the Spitfire on Oasis and Eichenwalde put them on series point for Volskaya Industries.

The Spitfire were primed to close out the series after a solid defensive hold, preventing the Philadelphia Fusion from even claiming the second tick of point B.


The Fusion’s own defence proved just as stalwart, however, and after almost holding on point A they were able to whittle down the time on point B, leaving London to make a desperate last-second push in order to close out the map.

With less than thirty seconds to go, a deadly flank from Profit opened up the game for London, picking off Philadelphia’s Mercy. He didn’t stop there, however, proceeding to assassinate his opposite number in Lee ‘Carpe’ Jae-hyeok, before eliminating three Fusion tanks to clear the point.


When the dust settled, Profit had won the point almost single-handedly, claiming the game and the series for the Spitfire.

With that win, London Spitfire only needs to win one more best-of-five series to become the very first Overwatch League champions. Philadelphia Fusion will require back-to-back wins on Saturday July 28 if they are to claim the trophy for themselves.