Pro wrestler makes amazing Overwatch League reference during PPV match

overwatch league logo and tna impact wrestling logoBlizzard Entertainment and TNA Impact Wrestling

Overwatch got a big shoutout during one of TNA Impact Wrestling’s biggest PPVs recently and many fans of the game picked up on the reference during the show’s on-air, live commentary.

With the free-to-play Overwatch 2 on the way, fans are already getting pumped and hyped for the game. With new character Junker Queen grabbing a lot of the headlines as we approach Blizzard’s follow-up to the hit hero shooter, it seems there is plenty of new stuff to look forward to in Overwatch 2.

The game has tons of fans worldwide and, apparently, in Impact Wrestling too. Matthew Rehwoldt, formerly WWE’s Aiden English, has been working with Impact Wrestling, a rival company to World Wrestling Entertainment, in a dual commentator/wrestler role.

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During Impact Wrestling’s recent Slammiversary 2022 pay-per-view, the talent made a very niche reference to Overwatch during a live match.

junker queen pointing in overwatch 2Blizzard
Junker Queen has taken most of the headlines going into Overwatch 2’s release.

Overwatch wrestling for air time

Whilst not as big a company as WWE, Impact Wrestling AKA TNA has been around for 20 years and at times has been a direct competitor to the major wrestling company. Although not considered as much of a threat anymore, especially due to the emergence of AEW, Impact still has a lot of fans — who also happen to be gamers too.

This is why many picked up on Matthew Rehwoldt’s Overwatch knowledge during the Slammiversary 2022 PPV bout between Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie against the team of The Influenceto.

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In the middle of the match, Rehwoldt’s co-commentator Tom Hannifan asked if one of the teams could essentially win during the championship match, to which Rehwoldt responded: “That’s almost like that Overwatch League Hitscan ANS, he left his team the San Francisco Shock, came back a year later, that continuity wasn’t quite there anymore, I hope that this team can do better.”

The reference clearly went over Hannifan’s head: “I have no idea what you just said.”

The line was picked up on though by Overwatch fans with Twitter user Mitchell Preston giving praise to the commentator for sneaking in an OWL reference.

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Being a streamer for the Houston Outlaws Overwatch team, we’d be surprised if this is the final Overwatch League reference mentioned during an Impact Wrestling broadcast with Rehwoldt on commentary.